Montag, 18. Juni 2007

Adsense Secret Profit With Wordpress Blogs

This ebook allows you to make money using Wordpress blogs and Adsense. It is very easy to create blog in a very short time and then forget them while money is coming in continuously.

Wordpress expert finally reveals the “insider” secrets to turn a butt-ugly blog into a beautiful niche website, automatically add great content and magically attract thousands of visitors from Search Engines with little effort.

The systeam allows you to include Adsense code into your Wordpress blogs.

Why use Wordpress? Because it is easy to use and to customize, you can also upload into your server under your domain name and be then the owner of the content and be sure you will not be shutted down as sometimes happens when you host your blogs at third parties` services.

You can also add easily articles and content created by other people, so that you do not need to be a writer.

The system is composed of 5 modules.

The first module is an ebook which contains the following topics:

A Step-by-Step, Straightforward Introduction To Blogging - to become familiar with blogs.

Set-up Your First Wordpress Blog Without Getting A Headache - to learn how to set up a Wordpress site in minutes. In the content: 2 ways to install Wordpress (videos included), how to set the basic access permissions (CHMOD) for your system, and a secret “plugin” is revealed to ease the installion of additional functions.

Optimize Wordpress For Massive Search Engine Traffic – The SEO strategies, “on-page” and “off-page” optimization, how to make search engines love your website, a strategy to modify your page to make it completely irresistible to Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines.

Transform Your Ugly Blog Into A Beautiful Website – how to get new templates for free and make your blog look super-professional, a simple plugin turning a blog structure into a website structure, while maintaining all the good stuff that comes with a blog.

Master Adsense Without Making Costly Mistakes – how Google’s Adsense program really works, and how to read the system like your morning paper, how to track the performance of each website you create, and how to easily insert Adsense into your blog, the secret placement strategies to make more money from Adsense.

Build Incoming Links (Backlinks) Automatically – Don’t spend your time doing a “linking campaign” the hard way. Using tagging and tags, you’ll be able to get links pointing back to your website for almost no effort at all. How to auto-generate and manage all your tags easily and how to build a list of keyword-targeted tags are two main topics.

Make Strangers Prefer Your Blog Over Their Own - Using “social bookmarking”, you will be able to expose your content and blog to the entire world in seconds. All you need to do is to make sure that they can find your site and bookmark it easily and you will know how to subconsciously “force" visitors to bookmark your site.

Never Worry About Content Again – I will reveal the correct philosophy on content, and it will change the way you look at building content-based websites forever. You will discover how easy it really is, and how you can find endless sources of rich, great content for your own website.

Get Lazy and Create Auto-Pilot Blogs With RSS – You will discover how a free tool can legally and automatically post summaries of other people’s blog activities onto your own site, creating fresh content every minute if you want to. With another tool called you can automatically extract articles from article directories and post them evey other day for the next one year. And you only need to set-up these tools once, then focus your energy on cashing in checks from Adsense.

Get Crazy And Create 1000 Blogs In A Day – Some people hate the fact that this can be done, while others absolutely love it.

Discover Pinging And Other Overlooked Traffic Generation Tricks – You’ll discover how to instantly notify blog directories whenever you post a new article, and get them rushing to index your site. You’ll also discover how to enhance your basic RSS feed using Feedburner and get easy viral traffic.

The second module is The 7-Day Action Guide

A separate checklist that you can use over and over again when setting up your own Wordpress Adsense System sites.

With this Action Guide you cannot go wrong. Use it after you’ve read the main guide to refresh your memory, and use it later for keeping your activities in check.

Either way, within 7 days you will have your Wordpress blogs up and running, making money for you.

The third Module 2 is : Special Wordpress Themes Pack

You will get a modified Wordpress theme that you can use right out of the box. This theme will make it so easy to add Adsense to your Wordpress navigation panels.

This is a specially modified theme that you will not get anywhere else.

The fourth module is the Secret Wordpress Plugins Pack

By adding "plugins" to a default Wordpress blog, you can make it more effective and more powerful. The package includes:

SEO plugins
Design plugins
Tagging plugins
Linking plugins

These plugins are modified to make it easier to install and use, perfect for the absolute newbie who wants to avoid unnecessary exposure to frightening PHP codes.

The last module is a set of bonuses:

1) Blogger's Guide To Profits: The perfect introduction to blogs and blogging. If you have no idea what a blog is, you can read this before you start with the Wordpress Adsense System.

2) Adsense SEO Guide: The perfect introduction to Google Adsense and website-building.

3) Blogs And RSS Revealed

4) RSS Announcer

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Montag, 11. Juni 2007

Hearthquake In The Google Adsense Secrets World

The amazing and shocking product launched in 2006 is the recent gem by Michael Cheney. This guy from Abardeen UK has made a lot of money, roughly $19,000 per month, just as a passive income from clicks on advertising links he has on his sites. If you go to Google and subscribe to you can copy and paste on your sites html pieces which are advertising messages. If someone visiting your site click on one of them you get paid. Easy, isn’t it? Well if you start right now you will realize some clicks but as always people when see an ad is not so happy and avoid to them. Moreover, if they do not like them they will never come back to your site! What did Michael do to earn so much from advertising clicks? How can he do that every single month? I was as curious as you may be right now when I decided to purchase his amazing video course. It was increadible… and I said why did not I think about it before? Well it is really not so easy… it really seems when you watch the course, because it is so easily presented that you cannot miss anything and at the end you also say: “it easy”. Moreover Michael provides you with all the necessary information to setup a business empire profiting from adsense! It is a really simple step-by-step process. The huge quantity and quality of his additional bonuses are reallu a plus which complete an amazing tool set to create a plug & play system.
In case you should make the right choice come back to me and discover how I have learnt his lesson… But, in any case, go and visit Michael Cheney’s amazing product presentation’s site.
Michael is really the Google Adsense Secrets expert.

The Best Adsense Templates Ever!

Are your sites being dropped by Big G?

Holy cow! Google just reindexed my site!

Adsense is dead?!?! Yeap, It si dead if you use those crap templates! Mine is kicking!

If you’ve been trying to make adsense money online and haven’t achieved any results after much pain and frustrations!

Best Adsense Templates is now live! With W3C validated Templates, you can now build quality adsense sites that are loved by Google!

You wake up one day…realising that adsense earning plummet! Oh dear, your sites were dropped.

What if you found a site that is totally adored by Google?
And you are told that you can have it RIGHT NOW?
What would you do? I would go to this link immediately if
I were you…

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Do you want to dramatically increase your Adsense passive income?

Many people tell you that you need to focus when you are online. These people are right! But there is someone who is really able to organize his business so well to make profit where possible. I am talking about John Taylor from UK. John is an expert marketer with many years of experience. His electronic engineer background influences his online career making him one of the best testers and trackers on the Internet. He sells products and at the same time he makes profit from other limited time offers from back-ends. His techniques in the back-end really amazed me. His story is really incredible! He tests so well that his sites are continuously in evolution and he always increases sales conversion. His follow up system is incredible too. Using his system people have really increased their passive income. Talking to him I have discovered he is also an expert in Google Adsense. His conversion rate is 40%! This success is again due to his ability to test and track. He is always busy to provide changes to his web sites and products to increase passive income and the results are amazing. This is the reason why I joined his membership site. It is not free but results are guaranteed. I am not kidding! To know more click here to read more about.